A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Android

Brawl boys is a 2D, turn based party action game in which the player forms a party of SAE Sydney students and fights other players in online and local multiplayer battles. Players will form parties of three with independent statistics and fight another player’s party in a turn based combat arena. Each player will be able to move and use weapons to attack the other party within an allotted time dependant on the character class.

Our fantastic WorkerBoys:

Jeffry Yang - Lead UI Design, documentation 

Jacob Kotro -  Lead Programmer, Project manager

William Kidd - Lead Character/Weapon Artist, Lead animator

Jesse Nellis - Level designer,  Weapon Artist, UI, Documentation, 


Brawl Boys 0.5 ANDROID 22 MB
Brawl Boys 0.5 WIN 23 MB
Brawl Boys 0.5 MAC.zip 39 MB

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